April 29, 2017

    Welcome to the Granddaddy of Washington Invitationals. Finishing up our 56th year, we look forward already to our 57th Edition of  our Shelton Invitational Track and Field Meet. Since our change to limited fields of 16 in 1999, 2016 we have a record number of teams, 63, submitting athletes for consideration to the fields of 16 and we hope even more teams will submit athletes for consideration to fields of 16. We think this speaks volumes to the quality that our meet provides for your athletes. We appreciate your support and know that you as coaches have other options for this weekend.. Our staff and volunteers work extremely hard to make this the best meet for you and your athletes..

    Shelton's format is a true forum for the best 16 athletes in each event to showcase their talents that each of them works so hard to develop and improve. The format is based upon invitations to the 16 best athletes in each event who are entered prior to the entry deadline. By limiting our fields and therefore, the endless heats and flights in each event, we are able to focus and highlight each athlete competing and provide a time schedule that everyone can rely on for the meet. Our focus is on the athletes and we feel we do the best job in the state in making them feel welcome and providing a venue and competition to help them flourish and prepare in a format similar to the big meets to follow on the road to the State Track Meet.

    Our Meet management and officials are second to none. Our facility consists of an 8 Lane rubberized surface, fully covered stadium, state of the art Finish Lynx timing system with 1 High Resolution 3000 Fps Pro camera with double Intelynx XR cameras for Finish line, together with a Finishlynx High Resolution 2000 FPS Vision Camera with Intelilynx camera as our backup system and a new 2000 FPS Fusion Camera. Two Horizontial jumping pits, one of the best shot put arena's in state, adjacent warm-up fields and miles of running trails adjoining the track area. All events, including the javelin, are hosted within the stadium for the best viewing for athletes and fans. Our staff and event judges have hundreds of years of combined coaching and event experience. Our meet directors, Mike Fox and Brian Brickert will do what is needed to make sure your athletes experience a first class meet, in a first class atmosphere while making your experience as coach equally enjoyable. The coaches lunch room has been rated alongside many Four star hotels..

    Every year since our tenure of managing one of the most storied State Invitational meets, beginning in 1999, we have made small tweeks and changes to the meet after we seek input from coaches and athletes on things we can do better.. This year things are remaining the same as last year.  Again this year we will continue with some Freshman/Sophomore events in the 100, 400, Mile Run and Shot Put. Our Time schedule provides for a 1:00 pm start, making travel much more enjoyable without having 6:00 am bus times to get to a meet. Please view our time schedule from the link on the left of the page, but it remains the same as it has been for the last few years. We have a suggested standards page, which the athlete must be close to prior to submission of their names. These are not standards for entry, but to give you a better idea of where we feel fields will fall and help you in your submitting of athletes for consideration. Our purpose is to eliminate the huge amount of entries for our Selection Committee to consider. Remember MEETING THE STANDARD DOES NOT GUARANTEE ENTRY. Our selection committee will make the final selection of the 16 athletes.

    Any team traveling to our meet and needing overnight accommodations, please feel free to contact Mike and we will make every effort to help secure lodging at as low a cost as possible..

    Please feel free to spend some time within our website where you will find the history of our Invite, forms for entry, rules, meet schedules, past results, records and All-time best lists. The fact sheet and FAQ pages will answer most of your questions. Everything that you need to enter your athletes into the Shelton Invitational can be found on the page links at the side or top of each page. Feel free to surf our website and contact either Mike or John if you have any questions related to entry or suggestions.

Mike Fox, Co-Meet Director & Selection Committee Co-Chair

Brian Brickert- Co - Meet Director / Head of Volunteers

Email: Mike Fox

360.239.1714 (cell)

360.432.1023 (fax)

John Sells, Selection Committee Co-Chair

Email: John Sells




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